Camera | Wireless Shutter Remote Control


A Wireless Shutter Remote Control was on my wish list since I started thinking about getting a DSLR.  However, buying a Canon 600D body and Tamron 18-50mm f2.8 lens overran my budget already. The remote control, therefore, had to wait for a while which I sort of regrated very quickly. Having a blog and trying to shoot pictures of yourself without any help makes you run back and forth between camera and your position. It is just so annoying, as you can imagine.

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Outfit | Stripes & Shorts

striped_light0001 striped_light0002

Simple, tree piece outfit. No layers, no crazy combinations. Simplicity sometimes is the way to go. The stripy, french-ish, chanel-ly shirt (H&M) is a long time fav of mine. It goes with everything and thinking about it, I should def invest in a good quality one (the H&M quality already starts to show with little holes). Tucked into my “boyfriend” shorts (H&M), which in fact are no because I bought them a size too small, adds with its high waist to the 80’s/90’s (where would you but it?), Dirty Dancing-Baby style. The shoes (Zara) have a small heel and add to the outfit with their swinging pompoms.

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Mixing Trends | Burgundy + Jeans + Vans


Three of my favourite Trends in one outfit. Lately I enjoyed my casual outfits. Some might say they are boyish, maybe they are but it doesn’t mean I like them any less. So let’s see how boyish this outfit really is.

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Outfit | Little Black Dress


The Little Black Dress. Definitely not the classic one but Cat-Style and on top of it, it isn’t really a dress. The fake leather corsage from Premonition is the perfect match for the asymmetrical skirt from Cotton On. The golden, studded belt brings the two pieces together.

Leo adds the coolness to that style, high heels would have been over the top. Those sandals are the “rip-off” sandals from zara australia (70$). However I wasn’t able to resist them and I gotta say: I LOVE THEM.

Black_Dress_Combo0004Black_Dress_Combo0007Black_Dress_Combo0011Black_Dress_Combo0013Black_Dress_Combo0015Black_Dress_Combo0016 Black_Dress_Combo0002


Inspiration | I’ve only seen so little…


I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Different things stroke my mind. Why now? I guess primarily because the first part, the planed part of my Australia-Adventure is over.  I still stay in Sydney till the end of march next year, however there’re a few changes. My time in language school is over of which I at first thought I’m more than happy about but it appears that it is also a loss regarding making friends, doing useful things. Don’t get me wrong, I rather stay in bed than getting up early to catch the train to school. Nonetheless, my morning started with the beautiful sight of Sydney Harbour and at the moment I can’t think of anything more beautiful and delighting.

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